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Welcome to the new 3DJournal

   3DJournal celebrates it's first birthday and it's a good opportunity to offer you, our readers, a lot of new things. From june 2004 has 3DJournal a new design and offers new services.

   New departments
   During last year we've published a lot of articles - they were dedicated to a lot of themes. We've decided to create some departments, where you can find these articles much quicker now. The departments are on the homepage. So - for example - all articles about 3D photography you can find now in the department 3D photography, all text about 3D video in the department 3D video etc.
   If you wish to see all the articles from may 2003 to may 2004 then you can go to the special page, where are these articles sorted chronologically. The link is on the homepage.
User name, password and more user informations
   A lot of our users asked us to make possible to change their user name. OK - it's possible now. On the 3DJournal web you can find a page User account management (the link is on the homepage - upwards on the right side) and there is possible to get information about the length of your subscription or set a new user name and password. If you forget your password then you can let it to be sent to your e-mail address from here.
   If you decide to change your user name or password then 3DJournal send an information about it to your e-mail. From this time your new user name is used in message board as well (even for your older messages).
Longer subscription
   From the very first days of 3DJournal we've offered the subscription for 12 issues of our magazine - from june 2003 to may 2004. During this period of time we've published 3 articles per month. In the february 2004 the 3DJournal magazine has reborn to 3DJournal club - we've said that from june 2004 articles will be published irregularly (everytime when an interesting theme or news occurs) and the subscription is offered for 12 months now.
   To give the same chance to our older members we've decided to prolong subscription to 12 months to everybody. So our first subscribers have the chance to check new 3DJournal before they prolonge their subscription (we've decided that there would be no end of subscription in may or june 2004). We believe you will like it!
   It is possible to prolong your subscription on the page for your account management.
Better galleries
   From now you can discuss with visitors of your gallery! Every gallery has now it's own message board. You can publish there you opinions as well...
Have a good time
   We've a few notes in our diaries and computers - we are planning more news for you. But we are not prepared to talk about them right now because we need some more time...
   Here in Central Europe it's summer comming now; weather is nice and it's a good time to go out from home and take some nice 3D photos. Maybe you read our texts on the northern hemisphere and summer is comming to you as well, maybe you live on the southern hemisphere and winter is comming - we wish you all to take nice 3D photos, 3D videos and to have a lot of great 3D ideas.
   We strongly hope the new 3DJournal will help you to fulfill your 3D dreams.
Your 3DJournal team

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