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Everything you need to know about 3D

Read everything important about 3D here - about 3D photos, 3D movies, virtual reality and 3D printing.

3D photo and 3D video cheap with Yi Discovery

When you can sync two cheap action cameras, you can easily record 3D video. Here are our tips.

3D cameras for 3D video

If you are serious with recording of 3D movies and 3D videos, you'll need a 3D camera. How much it costs?

Virtual Reality and 3D World

Virtual reality technologies have much in common with those for 3D, but they are not the same.

Free Book about 3D

If you like reading good books in your e-book reader, download this free book about 3D photo and 3D video.

3D printers are more popular now

With a 3D printer you can print a variety of small objects, but some people are even experimenting with 3D printed houses.

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